The Asian Bioethics Association (ABA), Eubios Ethics Institute, IUBS, University of Tsukuba, and United Nations University hosted the:


Fifth Asian Bioethics Conference (ABC5)

Concurrent with the Ninth International Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable (TRT9)

13-16 February, 2004
Tsukuba Science City, Japan

Submitted abstracts were welcome.

Download ABC5 program (3.9Mb MSWord file).
Program in simple htm format only..
Download ABC5 Abstract book (400Kb MSWord file).

Download selected pre-publication abstracts and discussion from Macer, DRJ., ed., Challenges for Bioethics in Asia (Eubios Ethics Institute, 2004): Bioethics Education section

List of papers in bioethics education section and links to powerpoint files on trials in bioethics education project.

All sessions were plenary and in English language. On the 15 February the theme will be Bioethics Education, and simultaneous interpretation between English and Japanese was available. The files from that day are available through the >bioethics education project page. There was also a meeting of the Human Behaviourome Project, and general bioethics themes, with special focus on Asian and international bioethics. Page last updated 7 May 2004.

We had over 100 international scholars from over 40 countries, and many Japanese colleagues in an informal atmosphere. There were also meetings for participants of the three projects: 1. Bioethics Education Project (coordinators and authors - 12 Feb.), 2. Behaviourome, 3. (UNU) Identifying Priority Areas in Global Bioethics (including Cloning and Access to Drugs, Genomics and Bioethics in Developing Countries).
The proceedings of the Fourth Asian Bioethics Conference are online, and the ABC5/TRT9 proceedings will also be published and available on-line.


13 February
Human Behaviourome Project
UNU Bioethics Roundtable - Access to Drugs, Genomics and Bioethics in Developing Countries
Cross-cultural bioethics

14 February
Medical Ethics
(Lunch - General Meeting of ABA)
Biotechnology and Genetics
(Japanese tea ceremony for afternoon tea)

15 February
Bioethics Education (First official meeting of the International Bioethics Education Network )
A. Basic theory and different methods of education.
B. Teachers reports from different countries
(including Japan, Taiwan, Beijing, Manila, Mexico, New Zealand...)
C. Country coordinators reports.
D. Improvement of teaching methods and styles, with comparison of teaching materials.
Reception and Cultural Evening

16 February
Environmental Ethics and the Population Issue
Ethics of Nanotechnology, Information technology
Future Asian Bioethics and Practical Bioethics Projects

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Objective: To promote scientific research and practical action in bioethics through open and international exchanges of ideas about bioethics from persons in various fields of study and different regions of the world.
Cooperating organizations: Asian Bioethics Association, Eubios Ethics Institute, International Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS), University of Tsukuba, United Nations University (UNU), International Association of Bioethics (IAB), All Indian Association of Bioethics, Turkish Bioethics Association.
Sponsors included:
Eubios Ethics Institute, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, GlaxoSmith Kline (Y100,000).

Organizing Committee
Darryl Macer [Chair] (University of Tsukuba; UNU; Eubios Ethics Institute, New Zealand)
Sahin Aksoy (Harran University, Turkey),
Jayapaul Azariah (All India Bioethics Association, India),
Alireza Bagheri (Iran; University of Tsukuba),
Hasna Begum (University of Dhaka, Bangladesh),
Leonardo de Castro (University of the Philippines, The Philippines),
Norio Fujiki (Fukui Medical University, Japan),
Dena Hsin (Taichung (Taiwan)),
Masakazu Inaba (University of Tsukuba; Eubios Ethics Institute, Japan),
Frank Leavitt (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel),
Fumi Maekawa (University of Tsukuba; Eubios Ethics Institute, Japan),
Masahiro Morioka (Osaka Prefectural University, Japan),
Mary Ann Chen Ng (University of Tsukuba, Japan; Eubios Ethics Institute, Philippines),
Pinit Ratanakul (Mahidol University, Thailand),
Un-Jong Pak (Ewha Women's University, Korea),
Renzong Qiu (President, Asian Bioethics Association, Beijing, China),
Hyakudai Sakamoto (Past President, Asian Bioethics Association, Japan),
Mihaela Serbulea (United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies; Romania),
Shinichi Shoji (University of Tsukuba, Japan),
Sang-yong Song (President, Korean Bioethics Association, Korea),
Mohammad Taeb (United Nations University - Institute of Advanced Studies),
Noritoshi Tanida (Yamaguchi University, Japan),
Yanguang Wang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China),
Kazu Watanabe (University of Tsukuba, Japan),
Rick Weisburd (University of Tsukuba, Japan),
Nobuko Yasuhara (Eubios Ethics Institute, Japan),
Jeong-Ro Yoon (KAIST, Korea)
Xiaomei Zhai (Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China).

Registration Form (for reference)
Please print out and Fax to Prof. Darryl Macer, Int+81-298-53-6614, or post to:
Prof. Darryl Macer
Institute of Biological Sciences,
University of Tsukuba,
Tsukuba Science City,
Japan 305-8572
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